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Shell Shell Double Light Light Ligher LEDER LED

2 CHIPS LED Marqueur de remorque LED Lights.Situble pour les lumières DC12V avec facile à installer.
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QTY LED2pcs Superflux LED
red and yellow light+transparent shell

Product Name: LED Marker Lights

Color: Red+Yellow

Material: ABS+ PMMA

Truck Led: Trailer light

LED Quantity: 2LED

Voltage: DC12V

Life Time: over 30000Hrs

Certification Approved: E4

Black Wire: Negative White Wire: Positive


1.Multi-voltage and suitable for 12V and 30V applications, such as Trailer/Caravan/ Truck

2.Easy to mount

3.Shock, water, viberation and dust resistant

4.Low power consumption and long term lasting

Fitments (Please Compare The Marker Light With Your Original One Before Purchasing!):

Suitable for boat trailers, caravans, trucks


1.We provide clear pictures, measurements where possible. Veuillez vérifier autant que possible pour vous assurer que l'article est celui dont vous avez besoin.

High transmittance is PMMA material,the bottom shell is ABS material

suitable for skeeter,touring car,yacht,speed boat,pontoons,fishing boat,chandlery boat,small boat,etc.

Our lights can be use for starboard light,port light,sailing signal light,side light,navigation light.

It also easy to install to mount with screws and wiring.

The front and rear shells are separate and sealed by special technology.

With the IP67 waterproof design,will prevent from any sand,water,dirt,snow or dust.

2 pcs super bright leds,dependable performance increase the visibility of your vehicle on the road.

White and amber color marker lights,other colors are also available.

Notre avantage:

Professional sales team repinds to your questions in 24 hours.

In-house SMT,injection and extrusion technical support from mold/tool.

More than 12 years experience in led car lighting.


Q:Have regular lights for these led lights,plug and play?

A: They will replace your current lights if they are the same suze.There do not come with any kind of \"plug\" connector.Only a red and black wire to be connected to positive and negative 12 V respectively.

Q:Is the light plug and play?

A:Yes,we have two style of the lights.One is plug and play,the other is wire to wire connect.

Q:Is it difficult to wire them to your lights?

A:It's easy to install.you just know the positive wire and ground wire,and then connect the right wire together.

Q:how to installation?

A:For Special car lights, you can use it in plug and play.

And the universal lights,you need to hole the car to ensure the screw position,and then wire to wire to connect.

Q:Do they have a rubber seal to keep the rain out?

A: Don’t worry,the light have waterproof,and there is no any issues with water getting in them.

Q:Is there a gasket included?

A:Some lights can be use without gasket.

Q:When i went from regular bulb to led the signal light won’t blink?

A:Pls check your wiring because i went from a regular bulb to led on both tail light and the gate light and all the lights work fine.

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